Magento Product Designer


Brush Your Ideas is a comprehensive product design suite full of powerful features to transform any online store into a creative studio where products can be designed and sent instantly for printing.

Primary Features:
1. Curved Text
2. Shadow Feature
3. Outline Feature
4. Enable Google Fonts
5. Upload your own fonts
6. Name And Number
7. Quote Management
8. Manage Clip-arts
9. Custom Image Upload
10. Manage Multiple Image Sides
11. Customize Clip-arts
12. Manage Masking Images
13. Provide Multiple Design Areas
14. Save Designs for future use
15. Change Product from Design page
16. High resolution output PDF
17. Print Color Management
18. Brush Tool
19. Social Media Sharing
20. Template Management
21. Full Screen Design Preview

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  1. I’ve been really enjoying reading your post. Great post!
    All the Tips are Awesome, also cover personalised gifting options this is usefully for product designer tool

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