Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension


Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension by Meetanshi enables imposing restrictions on order placement based on the locations.

With the advance of E-commerce, local businesses are also opting for an online store to reach out to more potential customers. But the online store, accessible worldwide, causes traffic and orders that are not meant to be placed. To limit users based on locations to place orders, a proper system must be implemented to avoid unnecessary orders and its data. For Magento 2 stores, Meetanshi have developed Magento Restrict Zip Codes extension to serve this purpose!

Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension is handy when the admin wants to limit the order placement based on the locations. The module allows visitors to check order availability in their location by entering the zip code. They can place the order only for the allowed zip codes. These allowed zip codes are added in the CSV file, uploaded from the backend.

With Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension, easily avoid unwanted orders which may cause the load on the system and useless for the business. Restrict users from placing the orders with zip codes checked from the CSV file.

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi’s Magento Restrict Zip Codes Extension:

*Easily upload the CSV files of the allowed zip codes from the admin backend.
*Include the estimated delivery time in CSV files with the zip code.
*Display customized zip code checker message on the product page.
*Custom order availability or unavailability message to display in the frontend.
*Let visitors check the order availability for their location by entering the zip code.
*The “Check” button checks for the allowed zip codes in the CSV and shows availability or unavailability message based on the check.
*You can enable the feature to display the estimated delivery time for the allowed locations, added in the zip code CSV.
*Restrict order on checkout page with order unavailability message.
*Restrict order from backend using zip codes.

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