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The reason behind the popularity of Magento is, it keeps updating by means of providing new features and security updates to make Magento stores secured from potential attacks. Keeping up to date with Magento is important in order to leverage new features and most importantly to safeguard your Magento stores. But how to upgrade your Magento store? To serve better performance and enhance the user experience, we store owners have to keep our site secured, bug-free, up to date with the latest features.
Following are the latest Magento Releases.
Upgrade your Magento 1.x Version to Latest Magento 1.9.4 (
Upgrade your Magento 2.x versions to Latest Magento 2.3.0 (
The process of upgrading any Magento store is not everyone’s cup of tea. At our MageComp, we have experts who ensure this process with zero data loss.
Now let’s have a look at our distinct upgrade process.
> First of all, our expert will generate an identical copy of your store.
> Further, he will examine some of the store elements like theme, database etc.
> Once the analysis part is complete, then our expert is ready to upgrade your store.
> The next step is to test, he will fix some database bugs & issues if found any.
> And here comes the end, our expert will publish your store.

Why Choose Magento Upgrade Service by MageComp?
1. No data loss. Because we know how much your data means to you.
2. We provide zero downtime service. Because we value your penny.
3. We believe in saying that “Time is money”. We will try our best to serve you on time.
4. Your Magento store is 100% secure with the help of vulnerabilities insight.
5. Your store will consist of all the security patches introduced to date.
So, it’s high time to get your store upgraded with the help of our experts. Your job is to just relax & focus on other important things, while we upgrade your store with the help of our expertise.
Let’s Upgrade your Store. (

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