Magento Valentine’s Day Decoration Extension


Are you willing to get ready for the perfect Valentine’s Sale? Is your Magento store ready with the eye catchy layout and romantic feel to grab visitors’ attention? As heart symbolizes love, what can be a better than hearts to give a nice falling effect layout in your store?! This Valentine’s Day, show some love for your web visitors and something they can treasure forever with Magento Valentine’s Day Decoration extension by MageComp. It throws heart flakes falling effect in your Magento store giving the perfect Valentine’s Day website look. You can mix and match heart flakes and color it as you want.
Why choose MageComp’s Magento Valentine’s Day Decoration Extension:
• Enable or disable extension from backend.
• Enter the numbers of heartflakes to give a falling effect on frontend.
• You can add single or multiple semicolon separated unicodes for heartflakes.
• Set colors for the added heartflakes. If the selected heartflakes come with its own color, the color effect may not be applied. But if the heartflake is blank or bordered, it will be shown with selected colors.
• Set the heartflakes fall speed as per your look optimization.
• Enter minimum and maximum heartflakes sizes in backend.
• Heartflakes fall effect in frontend gives an elegant look to make your store Valentine’s Day ready.

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