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Magento WhatsApp Notifications by Meetanshi enables WhatsApp notifications for customers regarding their store activities.

Whatsapp Clone have been on the top list when it comes to the best messaging apps in the market. To let the Magento store owners make the most out of this beneficial platform, Meetanshi has developed Magento WhatsApp Notifications extension.

The module allows the store owner to facilitate customers with instant updates about their store activities via Whatsapp messages. Notify customers about successful order placed or canceled, the invoice generated, shipment or credit memo generated, order dispatched, and successful registration!

Using the Magento WhatsApp Notifications module, improve customer experience. Build their trust and hence benefit your business!

Benefits of Magento WhatsApp Notifications:

• Use the extension to notify customers about store activities like order placed or canceled, invoice generated, etc. via Whatsapp.
• Option for admin to get Whatsapp notifications for customers’ store activities.
• Integrate the extension using Twilio API provider to send WhatsApp Notifications.
• Facility to send custom Whatsapp message for each notification to the customers.
• The custom notification text can be configured using the system variables like order_id, first_name, etc.
• Send custom WhatsApp Notifications for:
◦ Order Placement
◦ Order Invoice
◦ Order Cancellation
◦ Order Shipment
◦ Credit Memo Generation
◦ Contact Inquiry
◦ Website Registrations
• Collect mobile numbers from default Magento sign up or guest checkout form to send the WhatsApp Notifications.
• As soon as the mobile number is registered with the store, start sending the Whatsapp notifications for each activity.
• Quick notifications on Whatsapp helps enhance customer experience and win their trust!

Watch the video to understand how the Magento WhatsApp Notifications extension works in your store.

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