Miniweb 2.0 Professional System


Ever wonder what drives a massive amount of traffic to a Web site? Time and again, it’s about having the right contents, user features, and benefits. Miniweb 2.0 is an advanced Web application that helps you add these qualities to your site.

The system comes with a common admin, member system, user interface, work flow, and database, which result in an extremely enjoyable user experience. Once you learn how to use one module, you know how to use the rest of them. Miniweb 2.0 is great for the technically challenged as well as those who want to increase their online productivity. Instead of wasting time on Web design and site administration, you can now focus your efforts on building great site contents and generating the traffic you want.

Key Features
• Plug it into your existing Web site or any Web template
• Super fast and easy installation
• A common administrative area to manage all modules
• Auto blogging and content publishing with Google Alerts
• Web-based CSS stylesheet management tool
• SMS or text alert capability
• Instant content syndication through RSS feed
• Multimedia upload, including photos and videos
• A single login for site users to access module contents
• 2CO,, Echo, Google Checkout, and Paypal
• Easy data import and export via Excel csv manipulation
• Plugins for popular tagging services and referrals
• Static HTML designed for deploying Google Adsense
• Change frontend text or translate it into another language
• Free technical support and release upgrades
• Private label branding for resellers

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