Nesote Enterspine CRMS (Customer Relationship Management System)


Nesote Enterspine empower your enterprise and act as the spine of your enterprise. It now comes with excellent HRM and CRM solutions to enrich your enterprise. Nesote Enterspine HRM manages the employees in the efficient way while Nesote Enterspine CRM facilates your firm to keep the best customer relations. It is well suited for small scale as well as large scale enterprises. We provide free provision for using Nesote Enterspine HRM for small scale enterprises.

Employees are the most important element of every business. Their contributions play a significant role in determining the success of any organization. Nesote Enterspine HRM helps to bridge the gap between top management and employees that can really improve the capabilities of employees and thereby improve total productivity of the organization. It plays a very important role in execution of Payroll efficiently & accurately, with minimum data entry and calculation time. Its also a complete solution to track employee attendance and leave details.

Main Features are:
1. Employee Information Management
Manage information for employees including personal profiles, contact information, educational qualifications, experience details, family, nominee, project details, visa, passport etc. Manage privileges for each employee based on their positions. Unlimited custom fields can be added upon requirement for handling additional employee related information.

Employee joining information.
Employee profile including photographs.
Family background details.
Employee local address and references details.
Employee emergency address and contact person.
User defined branches, locations, departments, designations etc.
User defined employment categories.
Employee information can be sorted and searched by many parameters.

2. Product Management
All the relevant the product details like product name, product category, cost price, selling price and promotional price are added and managed. Moreover, it also facilitates to add the after sale service providence, guaranty and warranty period to improve the efficiency of this section.

Product categories
Product pricing details.
After sale service details of the products.
Guaranty and warranty of the product.

3. Contact Management
The relevant information regarding with a contact is collected and managed. Also if available, personal details such as date of birth, wedding anniversary, interests and hobbies are also stored in this section. The deal counts associated with the contact person is also tracked and recorded.

Contact categories
Mapping contacts to different contact categories.
Sales and deals count associated with the contacts.
Reference contacts and their details.
Personal details and contact addresses.

4. Deal Management
A small probability of sale is considered, marked and tracked effectively with this section. The deals are progressed through different deal stages and the employee associated with a particular deal try his level best to make this deal as successful.

Deal details.
Multiple products management in a single deal.
Employee allocation to a deal.
Quick understanding on a deal status.
Various prioritized deal stages.
Deal completion marking at any stage.
Deal filtering option.

5. Service Management
This section handles all the service requests for the products offering the services and also the after sale service requests. The complaints or the service requests are handled by a service handler and the status of the request is also maintained in this section.

Handles direct service request as well as after sale service requests.
Generating service bill.
Service handler to handle the requests.
Tracking and marking of request status.
Request filtering.

6. Campaign Management
Campaign management handles different email, phone and postal campaigns according to your interest. The campaign name, type and objective is added and different contacts or contact groups are mapped to a particular campaign. Moreover this system also facilitates to send greeting mails to our contacts on their personal life events such as birthday and wedding anniversary.

Different types of campaigns.
Mapping target contacts easily to the campaigns.
Status maintaining for campaigns.
Switching between automatic and manual greeting mail sending.

7. Dashboards
Dashboards give a quick understanding of the firm’s sales and deals with the help of different graphs. This statistics will also facilitate to compare the sales for different time periods.

Sale analysis in the desired way.
Comparisons on sales and deals.
Monthly and yearly analysis.

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