Newagex Sms Script is a free SMS text messaging provider that allows your members to send free international sms messages to anyone and also allow them to mask their mobile phone number.


* Users can create/delete the sender id with admin approvel.
* Users can test the service by sending a test SMS message to their mobile phone number
* Unicode support to send messages in other languages
* Each member registration will require a valid phone number as the activation code is sent through SMS in order to activate the account
* Referral link for each member to refer new members to signup
* Quick Stats showing total clicks for the referral links and the number of free credits for referral signups
* Ability to edit member profile account
* Create favorite/group contact list
* Members can create an address book and assign contacts to their favorite or group list
* Ability to send individual SMS message or send bulk messages from their favorite/group contact list
* View SMS history and members can export the SMS history messages to a CSV file
* Ability to purchase additional SMS credits through paypal
* Free SMS credits section for members to complete offers, registration or surveys in order to receive extra SMS credits


MySQL (version 4 or higher)
PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)

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