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Want to develop your business? Want to attract new clients? Want a convenient way to update your clients? Nika Newsletter will help you!

Nika Newsletter is a script for internet mailshots, which can help you to create a universal and powerful tool for e-mail marketing.

You would be able to create your own promotional campaigns, create unlimited internet mailshots and deliver information to your subscribers which is advantageous to you.

With the help of Nika Newsletter you would be able to send mailshots at any time, send mailshots according to specific schedules, create subscriber groups, create TEXT or HTML documents, visually edit letters, trace the growth of your subscribers using graphics and create extra fields to find out more information about your subscribers. The Nika Newsletter script is very comfortable and easy to use and will help you achieve your goals. Nika Newsletter is universal and can suit all needs; from small internet mailshots to large portal e-mail marketing.

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  1. nice software .I am very satisfied with this software

  2. This is best software for email marketing

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