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Shopping Cart Abandonment is a crucial problem in the eCommerce market nowadays. With around 7 out of 10 customers abandon carts on an eCommerce store, it is easy to understand why online retailers want to recover this lost sales. There are various reasons which lead the customers to abandon the shopping cart on an online store. These reasons can be hidden additional costs of products, a complicated checkout process, no free shipping, etc.

Online retailers can reduce the cart abandonment rate by optimizing the product page, showing price transparency, and by optimizing the checkout process. But it is also important to recover the lost sales which happened due to cart abandonment.

Sending follow-up emails of abandoned carts is one of the best methods to remind the customers about their left orders. With the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension, you can send automatic reminder emails to your customers. The extension allows you to send discounted and non-discounted follow-up emails in which you can highlight exclusive discounts and coupon codes to encourage the customers to come back to your store and complete the order. Let’s take a brief look at the features offered by the extension.

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