Opencart Blocker – Block Bot/User by IP country or User Agent


In this rapidly growing technological environment, every day we are consuming our resources through digital means. The online stores from where we consume our maximum resources from being surrounded by bots. There are two types of bots one is a good bot, we also call them crawlers. These crawlers help us in ranking better in search engine results. On the other hand, we have bad bots that are meant to cause harm to a website. Bad bots do malicious automated tasks on the website such tasks include spam comments, stealing information etc all this creates a lot of risk for the customers. One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is by installing a plugin that can protect your website. Using robot.txt file not always solves the problem as some bots donโ€™t obey to it and therefore it is essential to block them through their server.
Our Opencart Block User Extension helps in blocking all the malicious bots from entering the website. It allows the online store owner to block users based on their IP Address/Country or User-Agent.

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