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The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App Maker is a complete package solution to make online eCommerce deliveries seamless. The store owners who are not able to offer quick product deliveries even after investing a lot of money and effort must look forward to OpenCart Delivery Management extension. The readymade solution allows the store admin to launch the native Android & iOS delivery boy apps on the Google Play Store & Apple App store and monitor everything using the extension backend.

The OpenCart Delivery Boy Apps can be downloaded from the app store and accessed with login credentials. The store admin can add/register the delivery agents in the backend and send the login credentials on the email. The delivery person is allowed to access the apps and process the deliveries accordingly. The store owner gets to handle bot orders & delivery agents manually from the backend. The status of the available delivery agents can be checked and the orders can be assigned to the right person for delivery.

Here are some of the key features mentioned for the OpenCart Delivery Management App Extension:

A) For Store Admin:

1. The store admin can register the delivery agent in backend and the login credentials will be shared on the person’s email. The delivery agent can use his credentials anytime on the OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App.

2. The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App Maker offers complete order/ delivery boy management to the online store merchant. The orders can be checked and assigned manually from the admin interface.

3. The store owner can save the delivery boy details in the backend and filter same from a long list. The status of the delivery agent is shown as offline/online on the backend of the OpenCart Delivery Management App.

4. The OpenCart Delivery Boy App Builder offers the flexibility to launch the Android & iOS apps with the white label branding. The online e-merchant can choose the desired name, app icon, logo, color, font etc. for listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

5. With OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App, the store admin can ensure safe package delivery. Once the order is scheduled for delivery, an OTP password will be shared with the user. The delivery agent can mark the order as complete after entering the code.

B) For Delivery Boy App:

1. The OpenCart Delivery Boy receives the login credentials on the email. The same can be used to access the app and check profile, order, deliveries and, other related concerns on the app.

2. The OpenCart Delivery Management App shows the entire orders in a proper categorization and listing like Assigned, In progress, Processed, and Delivered. The delivery boy can check the status of the orders take action accordingly.

3. The Delivery Agent can check the assigned orders and its details. There is an option to accept/reject the orders. In case of rejection, the person needs to share a valid reason for the same. If accepted, the delivery boy can process the online delivery.

4. The Delivery Boy App comes with a push notifications feature. The notifications will be automatically scheduled for the delivery boy app in case of any order or delivery-related update.

5.The OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App comes with live location tracking. The integrated Google Maps can be configured from the admin panel of the extension.

There are many other beneficial features of the OpenCart Delivery Boy App that can be a game-changer for your eCommerce business deliveries. Launch an Android/iOS delivery boy app for your eCommerce store today and ensure timely and safe deliveries.

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