OpenCart eBay Connector


Opencart eBay Connector by Knowband allows the admin to integrate the eBay store with their Opencart shop. Using OpenCart eBay Integrator, the store owner can sync products, categories, and orders from eBay shop with Opencart store. The eBay integrator for OpenCart store allows the admin to list products from Opencart store to eBay easily.

Multiple eBay accounts can now be added, edited, and managed by store admin from the backend of the OpenCart store. Storeowners can easily map products, attributes, and categories of the eBay shop with OpenCart store. Additional information for the exported products like– eBay specification, shipping, tax, return policy, dispatch time, listing details can be added by admin from the OpenCart eBay Integration module.

OpenCart eBay API Connector provides a real-time update for listed products at eBay. For every order is placed, Inventories and orders count gets automatically updated at both OpenCart shop and eBay store.

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