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Every eCommerce store owner needs to be aware of the dangers that persist in the online community. One of the risks that these online businesses pertain is of malicious bots and spammers. Bots are meant to do repetitive actions that can adversely affect the website. So, to prevent bots from entering our website we have come up with a solution for you. Our Opencart Google ReCaptcha Addon helps in preventing bots from entering the website. This Opencart human verification Plugin by Knowband provides a google reCaptcha which the admin can show on any desired pages he wants, the visitors have to crack the challenges shown in front of them in case of version 2 of google reCaptcha and in version 3of reCaptcha the visitor doesn’t need to perform any challenge as it’s score based. It is very easy to implement and makes sure that your website is safe and protected from bots.

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