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Using Knowband’s OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace Extension, eCommerce store owners can easily create an online marketplace like Etsy and eBay in 3 simple steps. Store admins need to buy, install and configure the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace Extension and this will enable the multi-seller functionality for their website.

Multiple third-party vendors can list and sell their products on the site. Various aspects of the store like monitoring and management are directly handled by the store owners. Store owner can easily manage the seller account and product request, seller orders, seller reviews from the back-end of the OpenCart Multi seller marketplace Extension.

1.1 Admin Benefits of OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension
1. Using the Marketplace module, the store admin can easily upgrade their single-vendor store into a fully-functional marketplace.
2. All types of products including simple, configurable, and bundled are supported by the OpenCart Multi seller marketplace module.
3. Store admin can easily set the global as well as the category-based commission to be charged to the sellers from the backend of the store.
4. Seller’s profile and products being listed at the online marketplace store are easily approved/disapproved from the admin interface of the Multi-vendor Marketplace module.
5. The store owner has the access to assign the categories to the sellers.
6. Sellers at the Marketplace Store owners can request a new category. These new category requests are processed by the OpenCart store owners from the admin panel.
7. Seller can list products only in the assigned categories.
8. Store owners can easily track the sales report and overall transaction of the site.
9. The store admin offers multiple email templates to the sellers. Store owners can customize these templates as per their requirements.
10. Seller profiles including banners, shop logo, and metadata are updated by the vendors from their dashboard.
11. Store owners can provide the sellers with access to add their own shipping methods.
12. Listed / Approved seller’s profile can be easily viewed from the front end of the store.
13. OpenCart Marketplace allows the customers to share their reviews/ feedbacks for the products as well as the seller.
14. From the front end of the store, Customers can directly contact the sellers and raise a ticket for their queries. Sellers can directly reply to the customer queries from the seller panel
15. OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace offers a dynamic and functional improved UI for effortless management of orders, reviews, seller list, products from the admin dashboard.
16. Store owners can allow order handling from the backend. This feature will enable the sellers to manage their orders from the seller dashboard.
17. OpenCart Marketplace extension offers buyers the privilege to register themselves as a seller on the store.
To know in-depth about the other features, benefits, and installation process of OpenCart Marketplace, refer to the User Guide.

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