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Knowband offers One Page Checkout extension for OpenCart which replaces your default multi-page checkout with a clean, quick, and responsive One Page Checkout and enhances your customers’ checkout experience. The extension eliminates the unnecessary steps involved in the multi-page checkout and displays the whole checkout process on a single page. This saves the time of your customers and helps them to quickly fill all the required checkout details on a single page.

The buyers can also review the filled details without going back to other pages as the whole checkout process is on a single page. By simplifying and making the checkout process easier, the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension helps to minimize the chances of cart abandonment and improves the conversion rate. Let’s check out the benefits of the extension for your business.

Advantages of the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro:
1. Faster Checkout: The extension removes unnecessary steps involved in the checkout process and displays the whole process in a single page that reduces the time involved in completing the order.
2. Reduces Cart Abandonment Rate: The Knowband’s OpenCart One Step Checkout extension is a must-have extension when it comes to reducing the chances of abandoned carts. Most of the abandoned carts occur on the checkout page because of its lengthy and time-consuming process. The extension simplifies and fastens the checkout process and let the customers complete their orders in minimum time.
3. Increases Conversions: The OpenCart Single Page Checkout helps in maximizing the conversion rate by offering a seamless and un-interruptive checkout experience.
4. Saves Customer’s Time: With the extension, the buyers don’t have to load multiple pages to fill the details on the checkout page. He can do it easily from a single page.
5. Mobile Responsive: The Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension is mobile-responsive which helps the buyers to place their orders even from mobile devices. With the help of the extension, you will not miss a single sale even from mobile users.

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