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The Progressive Web Apps are the leading technology that makes eCommerce shopping easy for mobile users. The PWA Mobile App is leading in the year 2021 and it’s not going down anytime soon. The majority of eCommerce store owners have already shifted to the mobile platform and the remaining ones are planning to shift to mobile commerce. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder can be used to launch Progressive Web Apps for the eCommerce store.

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App doesn’t need to be launched on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The Progressive Web App can be activated on the eCommerce website itself. Whenever any user opens the store URL on the mobile browser, an option to “Add PWA To Home Screen” will appear. Just one tap on the pop-up and the app can be installed on the mobile device.

Steps To Launch OpenCart PWA Mobile App:

#1. Purchase OpenCart PWA Mobile App extension and install it on the website.
#2. Share app details for Progressive Web Apps Development.
#3. Review final apps and confirm to make it live.

Key Features Of OpenCart Progressive Web App:

#1. The OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker offers a customizable home screen that can be designed from the admin panel interface. The online store admin can use various elements like banners, sliders, color, font, products, categories, etc., and change the home screen look and feel anytime.

#2. The Progressive Web App for OpenCart has 100% synchronization with the store inventory. All changes, updates, or new additions get automatically updated on the mobile apps in no time.

#3. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App offers personalized push notifications that can be used to promote the store deals and offers. The store owner can customize the template, link, redirection, etc., and send it to the Progressive Web Apps.

#4. The OpenCart Progressive Web App can be white-labeled as well. The store admin can keep the desired branding on the PWA Mobile Apps that can have the website name and value.

#5. All sorts of payments & shipping methods are supported on mobile apps. The PWA mobile apps can have the same language, currencies, coupons, etc. As of the website.

#6. The quick and handy login options like Facebook, Google, Email, etc. can make the app access easier for mobile shoppers.

#7. The faster working PWA Mobile Apps come loaded with an inbuilt offline mode that makes the browsing handy. This makes the Progressive Web Apps the right choice for the users.

#8. The quick and easy checkout in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App eases order submission easier.

#9. The OpenCart PWA Mobile Apps work perfectly on both Android and iOS platforms. The Progressive Web App runs flawlessly on either of the platforms.

#10. The quick user ratings and reviews on OpenCart PWA Mobile App impact the user’s purchase decision and can increase sales as well.

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