Phonepe Clone


Let’s call the era a digital era as, out of many, one thing that struck the chord is bill payments and cashless transactions. All Transactions have become digital, Payment of bills and transactions to friends and family is done in less than a min by digital payments App Like Phonepe. At Appdupe, we do clone app script which is customizable according to your requirements.

Not only a few years ago, payments were identified with endless queues and irrational waiting times. Fast forward to the present day, and we’re seeing a striking difference. Whether it’s general shopping or buying goods, anything and everything is now being paid using mobile application-based digital wallets. Why is that? The absolute speed and comfort of digital wallets is unrivaled. They have transformed the way payments are made, coupled with magnanimous security and privacy.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to be part of this digital wallet adulation, our PhonePe clone is your option. Offered with the best of top eWallets such as PhonePay, Google Pay, etc., it provides users with a secure digital transaction experience.

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