With so many different news sources reporting on the minute, PHP RSS Reader allows you to display all the news in one place, broken down into a news feed format, making it easy for your users to see the breaking news as and when it happens!


Keyword Based Category Population

When adding a category to PHP RSS Reader, you can assign ‘keywords’. These keywords are used to find relevant news from the news source you’ve specified for the script to crawl. This allows you to target specific keywords. Whether these are keywords you’ve identified as being profitable, or perhaps you want to increase your site’s keyword density for a specific keyword, or perhaps you just want to populate a category with relevant news to provide users with more, fresh content, to keep them coming back to the site.

Crawl an unlimited amount of news sources (or tweets!)

PHP RSS Reader allows you specify which sources you’d like to be included in the site. All you need to do is specify the RSS feed of the news source you’d like to be crawled.


One of the biggest problems with web scripts is that most developers really don’t understand how optimise a site for search engines. PHP RSS Reader provides a true SEO URL structure that will allow your site to rank highly for the keywords you’re targeting.

Favicons to distinguish between posts

When you add a new source, the script automatically tries to assign the sites favicon to the source. If the favicon can’t be found, you can simply upload a new image of your choice.

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