Do you want to START your own Community-Driven site for travelling and tourism deals?
Do you want to drive huge traffic from users Interested in Travelling Around the World?
If your answer is YES, then our PinMaps script is the system for you!
PinMaps Script has been integrated with Forsqare API, Google Maps API and to make Adding Places, Mapping Trips, and wishlists extremely easy!
Create an album, add images from places where you have been or want to be, and they will appear on the album’s map! Click the “I have been there” or “I want to go there” button and the place will automatically be added to your profile – better than any clone!
A location can be added to ANY pin, whether uploaded from your PC or pinned from a website! Users can interact with posts – repin, like and comment them, mark Been there or Want there. They can also send private messages to each other, follow boards and people, share posts and activities to Facebook, Twitter and nearly 300 other social networks!
We at Amexi believe in optimizing costs for our customers. Thanks to the integration of “Openlayers” mapping service you don’t need to pay for using Google Maps API – it is only used as a layer so it’s FREE to use!
The PinMaps script is based off Pintastic v.3 and includes the PinMaps module and the Private message module readily integrated into your installation.

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