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A multi-vendor Marketplace can be a huge deal for your eCommerce PrestaShop business as it can be the right tool to expand your business reach and revenue. The automated plugin PrestaShop Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App is a combo package of Multi-vendor Marketplace and Mobile Apps. The vendors can get registered on the web marketplace and start selling products via both websites and mobile apps. The Marketplace Mobile Apps for PrestaShop remains completely synchronized with the online website inventory and marketplace sellers. Let’s explore both Multi-vendor Marketplace and mobile apps features with ease.

Key Features of PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace:

1. The store admin can convert the single vendor marketplace into a multi-vendor marketplace and design the same with ease.

2. The sellers can register and sell products on the website. The store admin can fix the commission rates and allow the vendors to request any new category and product listing.

3. The sellers are granted their specific dashboard after registration form where the entire marketplace can be managed.

4. The seller products/categories can be approved/rejected from the admin panel of the PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace extension.

5. The users can add reviews for sellers as well as their products. The same can be approved or rejected from the admin panel of marketplace extension.

6. Commission management and payout system are fully seamless for the vendors. The admin can keep an eye on the pending amount of the vendor and approve the payout request as well.

7. The sellers can use the default shipping method available on the PrestaShop Marketplace and the admin can even enable the option to add a custom shipping option on the mobile app.

Key Features of PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App:

1. The PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App remains in complete synchronization with both Multi-vendor marketplace and mobile apps. The store admin need not input any sort of manual efforts for inventory management.

2. The PrestaShop Multi-vendor Mobile App comes with a customizable home screen which ensures that the store admin can customize and design the layout as per the requirements. The mobile app admin panel has a load of design elements, color, font, banners, products, categories to provide an impressive look and feel to the mobile app.

3. The PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App comes with inbuilt social login options along with Phone numbers and Fingerprint authentication. The simplified checkout process in Android and iOS apps makes sure that the purchase flow is easier.

4. With unlimited Push Notifications in PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App, the store admin can simply configure and send the marketing as well as promotional notifications.

5. The PrestaShop Multi-vendor Mobile App has a specific seller section where all seller listings, products, categories, etc. gets displayed and the users can browse and make the purchase. The sellers can manage the profile and list on the marketplace and the same will be reflected on the mobile app automatically.

6. Various sorts of languages and currencies will be supported on the PrestaShop Marketplace Mobile App. The users will be allowed to browse the mobile app in their preferred language and make the purchase.

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