Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency Addon


Knowband offers Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency addon for implementing auto-switching functionality. This feature-rich module changes the system’s default language and currency according to customers location. This feature-rich module fetches the customers location using their system IP address. After getting country details, the Auto Change Language and Currency plugin automatically switches the language and currency of the store at the same time when the customer visits the store.

The online store admin has an option to activate language and currency related settings separately from the admin interface of this Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency extension. A drop-down list is available in the admin interface for selecting language and currency for different countries. The online store owner can also set a common language and currency for all the countries.

By showing eCommerce store details in customers preferred language and price details in their familiar currency type, the store admin can increase the chances of conversion. The online users can easily view the store details and place their order without any hassle or confusion.

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