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The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder is a full-featured solution for optimizing online eCommerce delivery. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App extension by Knowband is for store owners who are unable to provide timely product delivery despite investing a significant amount of money and effort. This ready-to-use solution allows the store manager to run Android & iOS delivery boy apps in the Google Play Store & Apple app store and to monitor all orders using the backend extension.

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App for eCommerce is available to download from the app store and can be accessed by the delivery guy using the mobile app login credentials. The store admin can add/register delivery agents and provide the login credentials through email. The delivery guy can also send the registration request after visiting the web page and filling in all the required information. The delivery person has access to the eCommerce mobile apps and can handle the deliveries as required. From the extension backend, the store owner can manually handle all orders and delivery agents. It is possible for the eCommerce merchant to check the status of available delivery agents and assign orders to the appropriate person for delivery.

Some of the major features of the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker are as follows:

A) For Store Admin:

1. The store admin can register the delivery agent from the store backend, and the login credentials will be sent to the delivery boy’s email address. The delivery agent can use their credentials at any time to login into the PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App.

2. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Builder allows the online store merchant to complete control over the order/delivery boy. The eCommerce merchant can manually check and assign orders from the admin panel.

3. The business owner can keep delivery boy information in the module backend and then filter it from a lengthy list. The status of the delivery agent is displayed as offline/online in the backend of PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Creator.

4. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder allows you to launch eCommerce mobile apps with white label branding features. The online e-merchant can select the desired name, app icon, logo, color, font, and so on for listing on Google Play and Apple App Store.

5. The store admin can ensure safe product delivery with the PrestaShop Delivery Management App. Once the order is scheduled for delivery, the user will receive an OTP password. After entering the code, the delivery agent can only mark the order as completed.

B) For Delivery Boy App:

1. The email contains the login information of the Delivery Boy. The delivery boy can use the PrestaShop Order Tracking App and check the profile, orders, delivery, and other related concerns.

2. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App classifies and lists all orders, such as Assigned, In Progress, Processed, and Delivered. The delivery guy can verify the status of the orders and take appropriate action.

3. The allocated orders and their information can be viewed by the Delivery Agent. The orders can be accepted or rejected by the delivery agent. In the case of rejection, the delivery boy can provide a valid reason for the same to the store admin by PrestaShop Delivery Boy App for eCommerce. If accepted, the delivery boy has to complete the online delivery.

4. The PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App contains push notifications. In the case of any order or delivery-related changes, notifications will immediately be sent to the delivery guy app.

5.Live location tracking is included in the PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App. The delivery boy can access the integrated Google Maps to reach the desired location in time.

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