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How to promote your store products on social media? How to build strong reputation for your online brand? Prestashop Facebook store module by Knowband creates a professional sales channel for distributing products among social media users. Prestashop Facebook Store Integration simply connects your business page on Facebook with your Prestashop store and allows you to market your products and contents regarding your online business. Prestashop FB shop integration lets you create a multi-lingual and fully-customized Facebook Shop in an effortless manner and without facing any coding complexities.

Striking Features of Prestashop FB Store module

1. Prestashop FB store integration addon links your FB fan page to your online store without any source code modifications.
2. Prestashop Facebook Store Setup doesn’t require any coding knowledge for its install and configuration.
3. Prestashop FB Shop addon can be quickly enabled or disabled on a button click from the backend.
4. Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon creates a Facebook Shop tab on your Facebook page. Admin can even set a profile name of their Facebook store.
5. With the inbuilt Google Analytics feature of Prestashop Facebook Store Integration module, admin can easily track the insights of their Facebook Shop and can analyze the addon performance as well.
6. Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon eases admin in connecting N number of Facebook fan pages with their site which can be managed from same admin panel.
7. Prestashop FB Shop addon gives an option to add a logo image on the Facebook shop Homepage.
8. The e-merchant can also set a Homepage banner for their FB Shop using this Knowband’s Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon.
9. The content on the Facebook store Homepage is fully editable from the backend of Prestashop Facebook store.
10. With Prestashop Facebook Store Integration, you can display selected menu items on your Facebook Shop.
11. Prestashop Facebook store addon gives an option to change the theme color of your FB store.
12. With Prestashop facebook shop integration module, admin can show featured categories and products on their FB Shop. Admin can fix the number of featured products which will be displayed on the frontend.
13. Prestashop FB Store showcase products on FB Store in two ways: Either it displays custom products selected by the admin or it directly displays the site products in the same order.
14. Admin can set the image size of products displayed on FB Store using this Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon.
15. The store merchant can modify the footer of the Facebook store using this Prestashop addon.
16. Prestashop FB Store addon gives an option to show search bar at the top of FB Store Homepage to facilitate ease browsing for the customers.

Some Benefits of Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon

1. Facebook Store Integration module improves the visibility of your site products on social media networks.
2. Prestashop FB Store helps you to get new potential customers for your website which ultimately affects the sales and revenue system.
3. Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon provides a “Add to Cart” button for every product listing on the store which redirects the customers to the main website in order to complete the purchase.

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