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The Majority of eCommerce businesses want to expand in this competitive era but are not able to achieve the same. The reason behind that is quite obvious. Trying traditional ways to grow your eCommerce business isn’t going to work nowadays. The online shopping standards and trends have changed. One such advanced way is to develop a hyperlocal marketplace. A hyperlocal marketplace is a business model which allows the eCommerce merchant and sellers to sell the products in a specific location/area. All the PrestaShop store owners can convert the online eCommerce store into a full-fledged marketplace and launch mobile apps for the same.

The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace with Mobile Apps comes with advanced readymade solutions like Hyperlocal Marketplace extension and Mobile App Maker. Both modules will be installed on the website and the store admin can configure and use the same without any coding/technical knowledge. The changes done in the admin panel will get reflected on the front-end marketplace and mobile apps in real-time.

KnowBand offers this combo package of PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace and PrestaShop Mobile Apps to expand your business reach in no time. Various sellers can register on the website and sell products on both web and mobile apps. The huge mobile-based audience can be targeted easily with having Android and iOS presence via native apps.

Key Features of PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace:

1. The store admin can allow the sellers to register on the website marketplace section and the same can be approved. Once approved, the seller can start adding products and selling on the marketplace. The customers can also share the request to become a seller.

2. The sellers can add a location where they want to sell products and the customers (on the front end) can enter the location and check the product’s availability.

3. The store admin can approve/disapprove the shipping area of the sellers. Also, the shipping range can be defined in kilometers via store admin.

4. The store admin can monitor and manage all sellers from the module backend. The user-friendly admin panel comes with all sorts of necessary settings to configure & manage with ease.

5. A specific seller dashboard will be provided on the front end. The sellers can simply log in and manage all their details like products, categories, data, shipping methods, payout etc.

6. The store admin can manage the seller commission and payout concerns. The seller can request for payout with a valid reason.

7. The seller can choose from the membership plans and an automated email will be sent whose subscription plans will be expiring.

Key Features of PrestaShop Hyperlocal Mobile Apps:

1. The store admin can launch the branded PrestaShop Multi-vendor apps on the Google Play & Apple App Store. The apps will be available for public download and usage.

2. The sellers registered on the web marketplace will be displayed on the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Mobile App as well. The data and inventory will be in complete sync as of the website.

3. The customers can enter the location on the app and check the delivery. The products or sellers only be displayed if they are delivering to that location.

4. The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Mobile App Maker offers a dynamic home screen that allows the store admin to configure and design the home screen layout as per the requirements. Various images, products, banners, categories, colors, fonts, design layouts can be used to craft the home screen interface.

5. A separate seller section is available on the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Mobile App showcasing seller profiles and products, reviews, policies for customer usage. The users can browse and purchase seller products along with store admin products.

6. The store admin can set the shipping area and the PrestaShop Android and iOS Mobile App will work the same way. The customer can only check the products deliverable in their areas.

7. The store admin can send marketing or informative push notifications on the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace Apps. Also, the apps come up with easy and simple sign-in options like Facebook, Google, Phone Number (OTP), and Fingerprint.

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