PrestaShop Mass Price Change Module


PrestaShop mass price change Module helps merchants to get their prices updated in a few clicks. Just select your categories or products and apply a price change like increase the price by 2 USD or decrease price by 5 USD. The other case is also available where user can apply a change using percentages like increase price by 5% or decrease price by 10%. Moreover, these prices changes can be made successful for different type of merchants like retailer, whole seller or unit price purchaser. This plugin works efficiently and given multiple advantages like given here;
• You can save a lot of your time like 3 to 4 hours that were needed for manual update
• Zero chances of errors as that are possible when you do it manually
• It saves the resources like power, internet and others
• You don’t need to hire a person specially for this purpose
• You will not lose customers in this way that will actually lost when you will site will be down for several hours to update price manually.
• The process of updating prices is really simple using this plugin e.g. you need no technicality

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