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Sell customized products on your online store and boost your revenue in no time with the Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Customizer module.

It’s a known fact that the online market is highly competitive nowadays. Online retailers do lots of effort in marketing and financing wise to stand out from the crowd and make more revenue for their online business. That’s where the retailers need their brand to look unique and one of the ways to do it is by offering personalized and customized products. With Knowband‘s PrestaShop Product Customizer module, the online retailers can add a designer panel to the product pages of their websites and allow customers to design the products according to desire and wish.

The Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer Module offers an easy-to-use interface which makes it so much easier for the customers to add colors, text, designs, images, etc to the product and customize it accordingly. With the module, you can boost your revenue and enhance the shopping experience of your customers so that they stick to your brand for a longer period.

Key Advantages of the PrestaShop Product Designer module:

1. The module is extremely helpful in helping you deliver your customers what they love. With the module, you can offer customized and personalized products and boost your revenue and sales.

2. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Customization addon helps you to make your customers more loyal to your brand by offering them what they like.

3. With the PrestaShop Custom Product Designer addon, you can easily enhance their shopping experience on your online store and convince them to make more purchases from your store in the future.

4. The Knowband’s Advanced Product Customizer module helps you to engage customers more on your online store by offering them an attractive designer panel on the product pages of your website. From the designer panel, they can check the customizations and have fun with them by adding different effects and filters.

5. With the PrestaShop Product Designer module, you can easily find out what your customers really like to add and design the product. By getting a better insight, you can offer similar kinds of products in your online store in the future.

Key Highlights of the PrestaShop Product Customization Module:

1. With the Product Personalization addon, you can offer an attractive product customizer to your customers and website visitors so that they can design the products according to their wish.

2. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Custom Product Design module offers a variety of customization for the products including customization of product color, adding images, filters, effects, text style, QR codes, etc.

3. The Online Product Designer shows the cost of customizations done on the product on the designer panel itself. The users can check the total price of the product side by side and can add customizations according to their budgets.

4. With the Knowband’s PrestaShop Extended Product Customization module, you can also offer customizations on the front and back of the products by setting the slides to 2. You can change it to 1 if you want to offer customization on the front only.

5. The Product Configurator module can be easily enabled and disable from the general settings in the admin interface.

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