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PrestaShop Progressive Web Apps are quicker and less space-consuming as well as offer a more extensive cluster of advantages to both the store owners and the clients visiting the e-commerce store. Building an e-commerce website on PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder can do wonders for your business. Furthermore, building one for your business is as simple as utilizing a ready-made extension i.e. a PrestaShop PWA Builder Module. Before you jump into that, you should go through the advantages that accompany a PWA (web application) for your PrestaShop Store.

PrestaShop Progressive Web Apps used to convert the eCommerce website to the mobile app. It is a ready-made mobile app that requires no coding language to perform any customization. This option allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under all the most useful features.

Features Offered By PrestaShop Progressive Web Apps:
Due to its rich highlights and opportunities for customizations, Progressive Apps are acquiring prominence among businesses consistently. PrestaShop PWAs & their hybrid versions have been labeled as the future of apps. Using this extension eCommerce businesses can flourish the most out of it.

1. Faster and Less Space Consuming
The Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are less space-consuming & quicker than conventional mobile apps (native apps). The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App is quicker, even for eCommerce sites such as PrestaShop. The reason is the content of the page progressively downloads as the client continues browsing. Likewise, note that PWAs are online applications coded in HTML, CSS, and javascript, thus the name ‘Progressive Web App’.

2. Compatible with All Operating Systems
A single PrestaShop PWA application can run on each operating system i.e. on Android, iOS. as PWAs run on internet browsers. If compared with Native Apps, it is not possible because you would have to fabricate 2 native apps- one for android & another for iOS and that too in different programming languages. PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker makes this extension compatible with mobile phones. PWAs appear precisely like a native mobile app once the clients visiting your PrestaShop site add the PWA to the home screen.

3. No Dependency On Mobile App Stores
Since PWAs are web applications, publishing your PrestaShop PWA on the play store or app store is not required to make it accessible to your crowd. Henceforth, there is no reliance on mobile app stores with PWAs.

4. Easily Accessed Through Browser
Progressive Web Apps can be handily shared by your site/ app users using just a URL. New clients don’t have to download and install the app before using it. Instead, it can be directly accessed through the PrestaShop web app from browsers & then choose to directly add it to their home screen. Furthermore, that is the point at which it would begin to act like a native app with the app icon on the home screen of the device and in the menu as well. Progressive Web Apps can likewise use most of the features of the smartphones/ tablets such as cameras, microphones, etc.

5. Progressive Web App for PrestaShop Use Secure URLs
PWAs use secure URLs (https://) thus store merchants don’t have to stress over the security concerns.

6. Progressive Web App for PrestaShop Are Easy To Maintain And Update
Progressive web apps are simpler to update as well as maintain. PrestaShop web app users don’t have to manually update their PWAs. That’s a task engaged with native apps, not with PWAs.
PWA app for your PrestaShop store has gotten simpler and moderate, it’s an incredible chance to go for these web applications. Using the PrestaShop PWA Builder module is a keen method to build your web app. KnowBand likewise offers local (Android and iOS) applications for PrestaShop.

7. Branded Solutions
The Identification of the brand makes it stand out in the target segment. That could be easily possible if the eCommerce business is launching the app under its own brand name. The eCommerce business can include multiple factors in their mobile app such as app name, logo, splash screen, banner, etc. this gives a fresh identification to the brand respective of customer mindset. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to gain the shot of doing so.

8. Custom-Build Layout-
The editing and designing part is the main concern for many eCommerce merchants. Because most of the eCommerce app require coding technicality and skill to perform even a little change. The Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App comes up with multiple layouts, functionality that allows the store admin to add multiple layouts in the shopping app. This action can be done by using few mouse tweaks. The more customization setting is also there such as include intuitive colors and fonts, banner design, etc.

9. Gain Access To E-mail and Social Login-
Gaining access to multiple Email and social login options is a necessary requirement for customers nowadays. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder allows the customers to gain access to user-friendly sign-in and sign-up options such as Google, Facebook, and traditional Email options. This feature gives multiple options to choose from and get conveniently into the PWA app.

10. Multilingualism-
There are different languages available globally. The simplest solution to this problem is to launch the eCommerce app where the store admin can include multiple languages. The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Creator supports all languages including RTL.

11. Payment And Shipping On-Site-
The inconvenient payment and shipping method plays an important role in holding back the customers. The customers want to go for those apps that give them more reliability and trust. And including easy and secure payment and shipping options. The Mobile App for Prestashop PWA consists of all payment and shipping option that allows the customer to have a sustained trust for the progressive web app.

12. One-Page Payment –
To skip the complex checkout option, the Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker comes with easy checkout functionality. The one-page payment option consists of an easy transaction process where the customers do not need to fill up the unnecessary information.

13. No Manual Sync-
The Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker consists of automatically synchronization option. Where the eCommerce website product inventory and data will be automatically updated on the mobile app. The store admin does not need to perform a manual intervention, All the changes will be performed automatically even if the PWA app was live.

14. Push Notification
PWAs likewise permit you to send Push Notifications to the clients using the e-commerce store on mobile phones as a native app would.

15. Order Confirmation Status-
The Prestashop Progressive Web App Creator consists of Order Conformation features where the users get the update about their recently placed orders. The order update can be given to the customers via Push notifications and a navigation bar. This enhances the trust factor in the mind of customers.

16. No Internet Access-
The Prestashop PWA Mobile App consists of an offline feature that allows the users to access the mobile app without an internet connection. The customers can add the product to the wishlist and cart without having connectivity with the internet. It consists of a preloaded cache and it shows to the users when they have no internet connection.

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