Recover Abandoned Carts & Boost Sales with OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension


According to a study, 7 out of 10 online customers don’t complete their orders after adding an item to the shopping cart. Some studies say that an average eCommerce store loses 70% of its sales because of shopping cart abandonment. The major reasons for cart abandonment are complicated and time-consuming checkout, no free shipping, new account creation, unexpected hidden charges, etc. Online retailers can reduce the cart abandonment rate by making improvements like simplifying the checkout process, making transparency in product charges, and by offering free shipping. But how can they recover the abandoned carts in their store?

Reminding the customers about their left orders via email is one of the best methods to recover the lost sales. It should be considered that the customers were quite serious about buying the product as they added them to the cart but left it because of some reason. With the Magento 2 Abandoned cart module, you can send regular follow-up emails to your customers to remind them about their incomplete purchase. The Magento 2 Abandoned cart extension also allows the store admin to highlight the discounts and coupon codes with the product.

Key Features of the Magento 2 Email Follow up module:
1. The extension tracks all the abandoned carts on your eCommerce store and displays them in the back end.
2. The Magento 2 Abandoned cart email follow-up module offers readymade email templates that can be easily modified before sending it. The store admin can send discounted as well as non-discounted emails to the customers. He can also create new email templates from the back end of the extension.
3. The admin can send web browser notifications to remind the customers about their incomplete purchases.
4. The Magento 2 Abandoned cart recovery email extension also allows the store admin to display a popup reminder to the customers as soon as they sign in to their accounts. The popup displays the left products in the cart and the coupon code. The admin can modify or create new popup templates from the back end.
5. The store admin can view all the abandoned carts and converted carts at the back end of the Magento 2 Email Follow up extension.
6. The online retailer can compare the converted carts and the abandoned carts in the forms of graphs from the Analytics tab.
7. The store admin can update the abandoned cart list manually by executing cron from the back end. He can also send the abandoned cart follow-up emails with the cron job.
8. The admin can check and review all the emails with Test mode by enabling it from the back end of the Magento 2 Email Follow up extension.

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