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The world is slowly getting crypto dominated and one day cryptocurrencies will be the new normal currency. An innovative crypto project should reach the right investors. But today many promising crypto projects are struggling to get the spotlight. IDO or Initial DEX Offering is a decentralised and permissionless crowdfunding method which is used to get funds for many budding crypto projects. There are many DEX launchpads out there but only few hit the masses and are trustable. One such Decentralesed platform is RedKite.
That is why Crypto geeks are into Redkite clones, which will serve as the right platform for emerging and potential crypto projects.


Redkite is an app that can help with the fundraising process for interesting Crypto projects. It is the most popular dex platform developed by the PolkaFactory ecosystem. The launch pad not only raises funds but also helps in launching tokens. The platform uses its own native PKF token for governance. The projects will be going through a series of testing and vetting to check the authenticity before listing them to the investors. Redkite is multi-chain compatible and it can work with different block chains like BSC Ethereum and many more.

Why choose a Redkite clone?

A redkite clone is a whitelabel solution for a Crypto launchpad. It has multi-chain flexibility just like the Redkite clone. The most efficient feature of a redkite clone is that it can select handpicked projects for the investors. The projects are scrutinized and checked for authenticity, legitimacy, team of origin and innovation.
The platform provides equal opportunity to all the projects in a fair way with a swap system making sure that it will never miss any good project. There are other advanced features that can be useful for the users to participate in the token sale
The Redkite clone can be customized with interesting features and it can be launched immediately. The platform is already tested and it is a ready made solution for IDO Token launchpad.

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