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Prestashop Scratch Coupon pop up addon by Knowband amalgamates an interactive scratch coupon interface on an online store by using which the visitors of the website can scratch a coupon by using the cursor to win a coupon. Customer will need to enter the name and email id to win a discount coupon. The Responsive Email subscription pop up provides support to an interactive theme as per the requirement of the customers. To meet the demand of the customers, the Admin needs to offer some type of discount strategies through which the customer will engage in your online store.

Prestashop Scratch coupon addon offers a scratch coupon at the front end of the website. After scratching the coupon customer need to enter their name and email id to get the notification about the offer they won.
The Prestashop Email Subscription pop up can be easily Customizable as per the need of the e-commerce store.
The email Subscription pop up addon offers an easier way to capture the email id of the customer by providing an interactive interface.
The Newsletter subscription pop up addon can be easily synced with the different mail tool used by the store admin like- MailChimp.
Prestashop Scratch coupon pop up Addon helps the admin to increase the revenue of the store.

Features of Prestashop Scratch Coupons by Knowband:
Prestashop Scratch coupon offers a simple and easy to use facility with many configurable at the intuitive backend interface.
Prestashop Responsive pop-up addon offers support with multiple stores.
Prestashop Interactive pop-up extension provides multilingual support i.e. The store can be available to cover a wide range of audience with this feature.
Prestashop Scratch coupon pop up addon gives the facility to change the theme according to the need of the e-commerce store.
The Email Subscription pop up addon has the facility to directly synced the email id with MailChimp and the email id can be used for future promotions.
Prestashop Scratch coupon pop up addon provides a detailed user manual for the understanding of the store Admin.

Benefits for Admin:
Prestashop Scratch coupon pop up addon offers an interactive and user-friendly Admin panel.
The Prestashop interactive pop-up addon can give a direct influence on the revenue of the store.
Prestashop Responsive pop-up addon makes the e-commerce website appealing and interfaces while providing discounts to the customer in return of their email id.
Prestashop email subscription pop up gives the feature of customization and also supports to your store theme.
Prestashop Scratch coupon pop up addon provides a way to make sure customer will return back to your store by offering an interactive and enchanting discount.

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