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In contemporary times, anything has become possible with the Internet of Things (IoT). The online file sharing platform allows the transfer of files between two users instantly. Here, users are termed as sender and receiver. The sender will initiate the file transferring process by sending a request to the receiver. Once the receiver accepts the request, the files will start transferring. The app supports simultaneous transmission for several files.

There are many file sharing apps available in the PlayStore. Out of them, the Shareit clone app will always top the chart with its awestruck features like location sharing, in-app music, and video players, etc. Of all, the app has an easy-to-understand User Interface that will help the user to navigate through the app without any confusion.

At Appdupe, the file-sharing app development goes through several stages from requirement gathering to design to testing. We ensure the app is free from glitches and then launch the app on all the platforms.

Shareit Clone operates on the basis of the principle of networking. Here the transfer of the file takes place between the two parties-the sender and the recipient. The computers of the two parties shall have their own IP addresses. One computer will build a WiFi hotspot, and the other will connect to it to make a connection.

Once these two devices are paired, the sender will start transmitting the file, and the receiver will wait until it is done. Our Shareit clone does not rely on data cables; it uses the Transmission File Protocol (TCP) for file transfers.

Files are divided into small packets of data, and broken data is transmitted to the recipient. When all packets are received, it is combined to form the original file at the end of the recipient. If all files have been received, both devices can disconnect to complete a file transfer.

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