Shopsy – Buy & Sell Market place


Shopsy – Buy & Sell Market place

Shopsy is clone of ETSY marketplace. It contains all the major features presents in ETSY website. You can add any type of products and your customer or vendor can add products and you can offer your customers. This software is fully dynamic one and controlled by an admin. As a vendor or merchant your customer can add products in your store as well as buy products from another stores too. You can act as buyer as well as seller using this software. As we provide you complete support in any type of support from our dedicated team and they will guide you all the steps through knowledgebase.

Simply create your own Shop and add products

Using our multi-vendor software you can list your own products and start making money by selling. It is also helpful for the website to attract the users/sellers to add more products and create the stores for free and earn money.For Store owner or merchant who registered in the website will get benefited through plenty of important features and more profitable successful online startup business.

Using our marketplace website you no need to have your own website to sell your products
No need to pay monthly hosting fees.
No technical knowledge is required.
No need to pay for credit card payment terminal and SSL certificates.

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