SpotnEats – Food Delivery Software


SpotnEats is a fully-featured food delivery software specifically designed to serve food delivery startups and enterprises. SpotnEats has customer-facing web, Android, and iOS App with the common database. The easy to admin panel in SpotnEats is responsible for managing the entire process.

The SpotnEats food delivery software also has the delivery partner App to track the delivery status. The entire SpotnEats food ordering software is open-source and it can be diversified to accommodate any local delivery business. It can be used out-of-box for alcohol delivery, pharmacy delivery, weed delivery, flower delivery, grocery delivery shops, and any business that does the local delivery.

The world has already moved on to the digital transformation where each one has smartphones and has the ability to operate easily. The entire core of the SpotnEats is built with a mobile-first approach and offers your users an interactive mobile app experience and brings your products on their fingertips.

SpotnEats is a readymade food delivery software that will help you to distinguish yourself from the competitors and assist you to provide more convenient food delivery service to your customers.

Find out the stunning features of SpotnEats Food Delivery Software

Realtime Tracking of Delivery
Instant Notifications
In-App Chats
Route Optimization
Multiple Payment Management
Order and Dispatch Management
Online Review and Rating Management
Availability Management
Menu Management.

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