Pinterest is one of the most popular social network site today. Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. If you are looking to create your own Pinterest-like website use one of these Pinterest clones.

This is the most complete list available on the internet of the 10 best Pinterest clone scripts.

1. Pinterest Clones

Pinterest Clones is the first pinterest clone software for you to create your own pinterest clone.


2. Pintastic

Pintastic is hardly the best script ever. Put simply – it is the only one that is actually on the market, while everyone else is still looking for a solution.


3. Pinderful

Pinderful is the most enhanced version of Pinterest clone software available on internet developed by cogzidel team.


4. Pinnect

Pinnect is the best solution for pinterest clone software.


5. PinMe Script

PinMe Script lets you pin photos from virtually any website permitting you to create your own Pinterest Clone Script.


6. PinBoard

PinBoard is built on the same type of functionality as the now famous website but PinBoard is built entirely using Drupal.


7. Pinpress

Pinpress is a premium Pinterest WordPress theme that renders the exact design of Pinterest Template.


8. Social Pinboard

Social Pinboard is developed in Joomla CMS, the best open source platform for social blogging.


9. Pinterest Clone

Gripsell Pinterest Clone having features like Create boards, pins, social media integration like facebook and twitter, liking, repinning and commenting.


10. Cubetboard

Cubetboard is the best pinterest clone software available today, with the most recent updates to the script.



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  1. Another good pinterest clone script is pinterestcopy

  2. Hey,
    Cubetboard is now releaed and published under GNU license. SO anyone can download and host their pinterest like sites FREE. Please check the updated links as well.
    The source code is available at GitHub at

    The Support Site is available at and demo of the application is available at

    Please update the listing accordingly.
    Once again thank you for adding us into this list.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks For Sharing this Clone scripts

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    I loved PINME script it comes with a better features and moreover such a flexible customization options gives more autonomy and total control to manage. Thanks for letting me know about this awesome pinterest clone script.

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