A library is an organized collection of useful functionality. A typical library could include functions to handle strings, dates, HTML DOM elements, events, cookies, animations, network requests, and more. This article explains the basics and rudimentary differences between the most popular JavaScript libraries. Whether they become “best” for you is another question. But still all of them worth trying!

1. Vidage.js

While giving a word on the most widespreaded libraries, which are usually used by the JS developers it would be a big mistake to forget one of the most popular of them called “Vidage”. If we take into consideration, that all the android applications are built on the JS code, it seems absolutely not strange, that VIdage became so popular and widely used among various developers. Moreover, among those, who are predominantly focused on the creation of Android games and different other extensions for the portable devices.

The main secret of that extreme popularity is covered directly under the functionality of a library and the main aim for which it was developed. That framework gives you an opportunity to automatically regulate the size of a background picture, which is used for the decoration of an interface within an app. According to the size of a screen, its position and extension, that library calibrates all the parameters of that essential part of any extension or application, basing on complay and resize measures.

2. iTour. js

iTour is one of the most flexible and simple libraries, which has been occupying the leading positions in the rates of the most popular libraries in 2016 and 2017. From the very first glance we may say, that usually such functions are not the most popular in the field of web development, however, it usually happens just because of the lack of experience among those, who claim so. Thus, I am willing to give a brief explanation on the key functions and opportunities of that library, which was developed not so long time ago.

Actually, the core features of the library are already situated in its name and says to us, that it is nothing more but an automatic guide for the users through your website or an application. It is absolutely suitable and matchable with any type of the interface and it does not matter how bright, unusual or multimedia it is. For instance, I believe, that any person through his or her experience of the usage of different applications and web resources has faced a problem of the orientation within it and was not able to find, what he or she needs in one try. However, in case if iTour is implemented in a JS code on which an app or web page is based, you are now able to see the key tasks, features and elements of the resource you are using, what makes the usage of it much easier in several times.

3. Meteor

While talking about popular javascript libraries it will be a mistake to forget such a useful framework as Meteor. That library with a highly wide spectrum of different functions and with a pretty big built in toolkit can open you lots of different opportunities, which previously were not available for you. To make a long story short, meteor allows you to integrate any possible platform with pretty good results, regardless the fact, what are you willing to build. So, thanks to the usage of meteor you get an opportunity to build a highly multifunctional and simple cross-border platform, which may be used for different purposes.

However, there is a small nuance, which you have to keep in mind. Meteor was developed in order to be suitable and useful for the creation of different messengers and other similar applications, which could be used for fast and real-time chatting. For sure, with any update that framework becomes more and more advanced, while firstly it got its popularity during the heyday of Telegram, Viber and Whatsapp.

Moreover, it will not be superfluous to say, that Meteor library is pretty complicated, what makes it not the best choice for the beginning developers and primary programmers. You have to remember, that in order to use Meteor successfully it is important to have a quite good experience in the field of JS development and programming.

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