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Tsite is a written in php / C + + script of site rating. It is ideal for top organization, both for small sites and for major projects. It allows you quickly and easily create a unique rating of sites that can serve as one of the site services or a single site.


> Template system design based on Smarty
> Support of unlimited number of sites on 1 account
> Support of any size buttons. Multiformat system
> The opportunity dynamically to display the buttons: hits, hosts, users, total hits, the position in the rating, Pr (optional)
> Convenient administration system of demo
> Anti-cheat
> Flexible modular system. The opportunity to move ratings blocks.
> Overall statistics review of all registered resources
> Display of tabular rating system indicating the place, hits, hosts, users, Google pr (setting the number of output lines)
> System of comments for sites
> Display of sites directory divided into major categories and subcategories
> Rating by categories
> News system
> Search within resources and their home pages
> Printing of reports from the site
> Numerous reports of statistics
> Automatic cleaning of the database, server side alignment rating
> Large internal database of search engines, search engines, popular directories and ratings, browsers, operating systems, etc.
> The opportunity to display statistics for any period of time
> The opportunity to increase or decrease the number of data storage days
> Flash graphics
> Parsing of main pages of the participants and search with in them.
> Hit graphic of all the resources per month
> Display ofthe latest registered sites
> Premoderation of new members
> and a large number of other functions, see demo

System Requirements:

> PHP 4.3 and the latest version; MySQL 4.xand the latest version; Management of crontab;

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C and C++

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