Uber for Beauty Clone


The beauty and grooming sector is now highly competitive with the increasing on-demand services. The new day business strategy is the online marketplace. Apart from the physical market, online platforms give increased business opportunities. Applications like Uber for Beauty are a perfect choice to take your business to the international market.

And for the users and customers, these platforms are highly beneficial. Uber for Beauty Clone facilitates the user with opportunities to hail doorstep services in their scheduled time from their desired and comfortable service facilitators in their locality conveniently.

Working of Uber for Beauty Clone

The user signs up using their social media log in, mobile number, or email. Similarly, the service provider also gets to sign up. Only when the admin verifies the account do they get activated in the platform.
Once the user logs in to the app, they can easily search through the services from the improved features. And easily get their required services.
The service has the option to optimize its profile to attract its customers conveniently.
The users can choose the service in their required time. There are options to schedule their appointments easily.
The service provider has the option to accept and reject the service.
Once the service is accepted, the user gets to experience the service at the scheduled time.
There are facilities to cancel the service requested and also to reschedule the same.
The money transaction process is also highly secured and easy to make.
The user, after experiencing the services, ends the process with the rating and reviewing option.

On the other hand, the admin takes control of the app entirely and manages them effectively. There are multiple sources of income that they are benefited from.

This lucrative business opportunity is highly capitalizing in the market. INORU supports you to develop your Uber for beauty app in a much effective way. Conveniently customizable and efficient enough to perform. Reach us out to get your app developed and launched at ease.

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