Uber for X Script


Uber has an amazing impact on people. Ever since its introduction in 2011, the business model is envied among entrepreneurs. The three separate apps to administer the functioning are simple yet effective. Customers apps have features for booking the ride, reviewing it, and paying for the ride using secure digital payment modes. Analytics & reports, earning modules, apps usage history, and many more. Drivers app has main features for accepting customers requests and navigation.

As per the stakeholder’s needs, features are allocated for every application. Apps like Uber for X have various areas of scope associated with it. In the delivery sector, popular sectors are the following:

Food delivery app
Medicine delivery app
Grocery delivery app

These are some of the popular verticals to consider for on-demand services apps like Uber for X. The lesser-known verticals such as alcohol delivery, flower delivery, package water delivery are also gaining popularity due to the COVID-19. They are also some of the great choices to look upon. Appdupe’s Uber for X app development has various categories, such as rental, delivery apps, and many more.

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