Urban Company Clone


Urban Company is a leading platform that provides home services such as beauty care, massage, saloon, appliance repair, painting, cleaning, carpentry, and pest control to the customers. It has a huge number of dedicated professionals and trained technicians to perfectly fulfill the user’s requirements.

We design a ready-to-use on-demand Urban company clone with Android and iOS apps for the customers, service providers, and an admin panel.

The attractive features of the Urban company clone are

The exclusive Urban Company gift card that users can easily share with their friends and family members.
The provision of insurance worth Rs 10,000 for every service request asked by the customers.
All the technicians on the platform are certified by the Skill India Mission.
The service providers follow the highest standards in hygiene and sanitization by wearing face masks, gloves, and protective suits all the time.
An integrated referral program where the referrers can get a discount of Rs 5000 and the person who has been referred obtains Rs 100 as a discount.

As seen above, the Urban company clone is an all-in-one solution to ensure efficient management of households.

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