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Start your Vacation Rental Business Portal now with WishClone.

WishClone is an ‘Airbnb Clone for Anything’. It is easy to install and quick to start any business be it Vacation Rental or Web Based Reservation System, Vacation & Holiday Rentals, Office & Meeting Rentals, Hotels / Accommodation, Online Reservations, Real Estate, Car Rentals, Rideshares, Bike Rentals, Boat Rentals, Pet Boarding, Event Bookings, Tours, Equipment Rentals, Book Rentals, Lesson Bookings, Restaurant Bookings, Meal Sharing, Food Delivery, Hire a Chef, Appointments, Personal Trainer Finders, Dating, Freelance Jobs, Micro Services, Online Marketplace, etc.

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3 Reviews for ⌈Vacation Rental Script – WishClone⌋

  1. I purchased this Airbnb like software from Wishclone recently and couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase! This software has a lot of great features and really stands out from all the other clones out there in terms of design and functionality. Great communication. Very professional. HIGHLY recommended

  2. I have purchased this sript throw WebZerox and they do not offer the support thay say they do don’t let them to cheat you ,for Several months and untill now they are not giving me what the sales man offerd you can check


    We are not getting what problem you have, you have purchased script from WebZerox as you mentioned so why you are posting negative reviews about our script “WishClone” we are WishClone and have no relation with WebZerox we don’t know hwo they are.

    We would request to ScriptPlazza to delete this customer review may be he is confused or spammer who are placing negative reviews about us without any relation.

    He never purchased any product from WishClone / our website.

    look forward…..


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