Purchase your favorite products within the website:

In vanelo website, customer can see the products and when you click on it, it will directly link to the product pages of other websites where you can buy from them. But in our vanelo clone, customer can also buy the products within the website. No need to switch off to the other website.

Promote your products with the help of Stories:

Stories feature allows customers to form collections of products and offer a written detail for the products and their exact grouping. By using this feature, seller can promote their products.


Vanelo Clone notifies customers about key actions. To keep it more interactive, vanelo clone tracks each and every customer’s actions.

Unlimited Products:

If you have 10 products to advertise, or if you have 1000 products to advertise, Cgdemo has the capability to cater to your requirements. We do not leave any restrictions on how many products you desire to upload into your site. You can manage full over products options.


Bookmarklet extend the surf and search ability of Firefox and Explorer web browsers. By using the bookmarklet, you can easily modify the way you see another website. You can easily extract all data from other website. You can also search very quickly

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