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Communication has evolved ever since the ancient days and is still experiencing many different changes and advancements. Through social media apps and Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, communication has eased. As a revenue generator, these apps have been benefiting entrepreneurs. And many business entities are coming up with new, improved instant chat solutions through the new WhatsApp clone app.

Through WhatsApp clone, it is easy to carry out conversations, meetings, discussions, and any other business activity at ease. The specialties of INORU, advanced real-time solutions, and improved technological support eased building clone apps. It makes it easy to incorporate many customizable features.

Privileges of using WhatsApp clone

Quick and Easy Signup
The user can sign up using their mobile number, and as a verification process, OTP is sent. With this simple step, the onboarding is eased.
Contact synchronization
Right after onboarding on the app, the app asks for access to the contacts from the device. Once allowed, the contacts automatically get synced with the app. And for every new contact added to the list, the app automatically updates.
Multimedia sharing
Most of the multimedia files are allowed to be shared here. Videos, photos, gifs, etc., including confidential files and documents irrespective of their size, can be transferred here through this app.
Video calling
High-quality video calling and confessing features are made available in this app to carry out a real-time communication experience.
Live location
Through this app, it is easy to share and track the live location of each other. There is a well-improved navigation facility incorporated in the app.
Status stories
Like other social media platforms, there are options to post and share small video content like stories and status.
Chats backup
The users are provided with chat backup options that are synced to their mail id. It’s their choice to backup all data or not. And this backup option can be restricted to specific chats and details as well.
Secrete chats
To carry out a concealed conversation with high security, those chats can be reserved under the secret chat option, secured with pins or passwords.
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