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Do you think running a WooCommerce store is an easy task? It is quite a complex task as there are a number of activities involved in running an online store such as marketing, fixing errors, and accepting online payments.

Meetanshi has developed KNET Payments for WooCommerce that integrates KNET payment gateway with WooCommerce store to accept payments easily in Kuwait.

This extension uses a hosted payment process and uses 2 APIs for making payments. They are the Official KNET API and CBK KNET API.

In the Official KNET API are redirected to the payment page where the debit card details need to be entered. This eventually helps in increasing the payment experience of your clients.

Whereas, CBK KNET API offers hosted checkout to collect their payment details and sends to the hosted URL for carrying out the process.

Hence, this extension helps in boosting the shopping experience and build better relations with your customers.

Features of using WooCommerce KNET Payments:
• Facilitates to display custom payment method title in the frontend.
• Use transportal ID, password and resource key for integrating KNET gateway with WooCommerce store.
• To carry out payment processing, redirect customers to secure payment pages.

Features of using WooCommerce CBK KNET Payments:
• To make payment securely, the extension facilitates the integration of the CBK KNET Payments with WooCommerce stores.
• The admin can set a custom title for the payment methods.
• Frontend display to set a custom description for the payment methods.
• Option to display the CBK KNET payment method in the production mode in WooCommerce store.
• Use a Client ID, Client Secret and Encrp Key to configure CBK KNET Payments with WooCommerce store.
• The customers are redirected to the secure payment page for processing the payments.

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