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Launching a pair of native eCommerce mobile apps isnโ€™t a piece of cake these days. The store admin needs to check and abide by the industry’s latest trends and features. A majority of the WooCommerce store owners have already invested in mobile apps and are achieving potential sales and leads. Having a pair of featured Android and iOS apps opens doors to endless opportunities and benefits.

The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker simplifies the app development process and helps in launching Android & iOS mobile apps without any coding technologies or expertise. The WooCommerce Mobile Apps comes with a friendly admin panel including all the necessary settings and configurations. The store merchant can simply configure the module from the admin panel and the changes will be reflected on the live Android and iOS mobile apps.

Here are some of the amazing features of WooCommerce Android & iOS Mobile App Maker:

1. The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker offers a dynamic home screen that can be configured and designed with ease. The store admin can use multiple blocks, products, banners, images, color, font, categories, etc., and save the same in the admin panel. The right home screen layout can be chosen for the Android & iOS apps anytime.

2. The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator offers real-time synchronization between the online store inventory and app database. No sort of manual update or inventory management is required for the same.

3. The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker offers seamless login options like Google, Facebook, Phone Number (OTP) & Fingerprint login. The native Android & iOS apps also have simplified checkout for easier order submission.

4. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder supports all sorts of website payment and shipping options. All website coupons and vouchers can also work on the Android and iOS apps.

5.The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder comes with inbuilt push notifications. The store admin can personalize and send the promotional as well as informational push notifications from the admin panel.

6. Various global and regional audiences can be targeted with multi-lingual and RTL support. All sorts of language support ensure that any customer can check the app in their preferred languages.

7. The Zopim and WhatsApp chat support in WooCommerce Android and iOS apps ensures that the store admin can have direct communication with the buyers.

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