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The Progressive Web Apps have transformed the online shopping standards. The eCommerce merchants are preferring to PWA Mobile Apps for eCommerce instead of other alternatives. The reason is quite simple that the Progressive Web Apps are being considered as the future and it saves the store admin from all technicalities and guidelines of the Google Play & Apple App Store. The Progressive Web App for WooCommerce can be installed from the online website itself. Once the online store is converted into Progressive Web App, all the users will find the option to “Add PWA To Home Screen” on the mobile browser.

The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder is the predefined tool to launch Progressive Web App for eCommerce. The extension is a complete package and doesn’t require the store admin to learn or know the coding or programming languages. The user-friendly admin panel interface allows the store admin to configure the settings with a few mouse clicks and toggles.

Prime Features of WooCommerce Progressive Web App Builder

1. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder offers a customizable home screen that can be used to configure and design the layout. The store admin need not offer a single interface design but can change the look and feel of the app from the admin panel (DIY editor) itself.

2. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Builder comes with inbuilt social login options like Google & Facebook or email. The users can also easily checkout from the PWA Mobile App with simplified one-page checkout.

3. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator offers real-time sync. The entire store inventory, products, categories, etc. will be updated on the app in real-time. The store admin need not input additional effort to manage the app inventory.

4. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Builder provides an unlimited push notification feature. The store admin can simply configure the template, link, image of the push notification and send it to entire app users.

5. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App supports all sorts of languages, currencies, payment methods, shipping methods, etc. available on the website.

6. The Progressive Web App for WooCommerce comes with an offline browsing mode. The users will be allowed to browse the PWA Mobile App even in case of slow/no internet connectivity.

7. The eCommerce PWA Mobile App is lightweight and runs faster than any other solution. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App requires very low mobile storage and hardly faces the issue of any crash.

8. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App comes with white labeling. The store admin can choose the Progressive Web App color, font, name, icon, splash screen, etc., and make the app branded to the website.

9.The store admin can add related products on the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App and increase sales. Also, the user reviews/comments on the Progressive Web App impacts the user’s purchase decision.

10. All types of coupons/voucher codes of the eCommerce website will be supported on the WooCommerce Progressive Web Apps. The users can easily grab the discount on the PWA Mobile App as well.

These were some of the major highlights of WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator. There are a lot of other beneficial features and functionalities as well.

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