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The Progressive Web App Builder for WooCommerce is an advanced solution to build and activate the Progressive Web App for the online store. This plugin is a no-code solution and doesn’t require any coding or technical expertise from the non-technical store admin. Also, the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App with this extension are cheap and the development process just involves the below simple steps:

#1. Purchase extension and install on the website.
#2. Share app-related details for development.
#3. Review the final PWA Mobile App and confirm to make it live on the website.

The admin panel of the WooCommerce Progressive Web App has a complete set of configurations to manage the live PWA Mobile App. The various settings and mouse clicks can allow to design and manage the eCommerce mobile app without changing a single line of code.

Core Features of WooCommerce Progressive Web App:

#1. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App comes with a dynamic home screen whose layout can be fully customized with the DIY editor. The easy settings and configurations can enhance the layout of the live PWA Mobile App anytime.

#2. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App is in 100% synchronization with the online website inventory. The entire inventory elements like products, categories, subcategories, etc. get automatically reflected on the mobile app.

#3. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App has various quick login options like Google, Facebook. Email, etc. that assures easy access on the mobile app.

#4. The quick and handy checkout option on the WooCommerce Progressive Web App makes sure that the users can purchase the product with ease.

#5. The multi-lingual and RTL (Right To Left) scripts support on the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App makes the app compatible with all global as well as regional languages.

#6. Multiple currencies on the online website will be supported on the Progressive Web Applications. The users can find the desired currency on the app while purchasing products.

#7. All payment and shipping methods of the website will be supported on the eCommerce mobile apps.

#8. The WooCommerce PWA Mobile Apps support unlimited push notifications that allow the store admin to personalize and send custom push messages. The Progressive Web App can be a useful tool to increase sales and revenue.

#9. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App can be activated on the eCommerce website itself. No need to depend on the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

#10. The Progressive Web App for WooCommerce has an inbuilt offline browsing functionality through which the users get to access the app and browse in case of slow or no internet connectivity.

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