YouTube In A Box


If you are looking for a basic video script that will show nothing but yourtube videos based on keywords you input. Then this Youtube Video Site Generator known as Youtube in a Box Pro Edition , is the one for you. This Pro version does not has the as the lite version which limit such as how much category you could add and how many pages it display. But other then that, Is a full automated site which takes only 3 minutes to setup and you have yourself a full automated youtube video site with all the features the Pro Edition has and the Lite version does not have .

This is for any webmaster who own a site and are looking to add some cool new features to their site . This will be the perfect YouTube Video Sites Generator In A Box Pro Edition Will Let You: * Add niche specific video sections to any of your existing websites! * Just decide on the keywords and you have a professional video streaming website, boasting 100sā€™ of entertaining videos in 15minutes or less! * Template based dynamic pages allows you to quickly edit your video section to match any of your present websites!

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